Scandinavian Style Knitted Beanie

Scandinavian Style Knitted Beanie


This is a really snuggly Scandinavian Style  Adult knitted Beanie hand made using traditional Scandinavian stranded knitted techniques. Because of the way it is knitted the hat has several strands of wool which make for a thick layer which will keep you warm . I is made from Norwegian yarn and is 65% wool and 35% alpaca so it's beautiful and soft and shouldn't itch! It's long for a slouchy fit!


Each of my hats is made to my own design so they are quite unique.


It is 18 inches around the rib  (unstretched)so it should fit mosts adults. The rib band is 2.5" wide and the hat is 13" long from edge of rib to pom pom. It's finished in a lovely big pom pom


Very gentle hand washing recommended. Do not machine and wash or tumble dry. Dry flat