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In Which Binky Becomes a Blogger

Updated: Jul 16, 2019

It seems a lifetime ago I decided to pack in the day job and set up an Etsy store selling bow ties and cravats. Working from the back bedroom amongst my precious vintage sewing machines. Radio 4 Xtra playing old episodes of Hancock's Half Hour and Dad's Army, endless cups of tea going cold, and all the beautiful lengths of Liberty Fabric. It was blissful,then Binky arrived to sap my joie de vivre and leave a trail of biscuit crumbs in her wake....

Binky Bagshot is my maiden aunt , a throwback from the 30's , a mix of Margaret Rutherford meets Boris Johnson, tweed and stout brogues , whiffing faintly of Tawny Port, a cheroot clamped in her teeth and a copy of The Racing Post under her arm. A bit like Paddington Bear, she arrived on my doorstep with a Fortnum's Pork Pie in her hand and a large trunk filled with among other things a ton of yarn, a bottle of Tanqueray and a large jar of pickled onions. Binky had decided to forgo her travels to distant lands and move into my back bedroom with Bernard the cat and there she has been ever since, knitting and sorely trying my patience.

Binky has brought knitting into the world of Percy Le Moo Moo and so 2 years ago I introduced woolly socks , hats and knitting project bags into the equation. All hand made here at Percy HQ. Around this time it had become quite apparent Binky was here for the duration and was working her way through the drinks cabinet with a steely determination . In an attempt to distract her , it was decided she could set up a Facebook Page for PercyLeMooMoo and write her own weekly column. Disaster!!! Her lurid tales of chance encounters on cruise ships, bizarre family stories involving Bingo Bagshott, Muriel the pig and her slightly obsessive interest in Nicholas Parsons, ensured Binky developed a bit of a cult following. A tiny taste of fame and Binky was off, she applied to be on Strictly , I'm A Celebrity and even Love Island (admittedly a bit of along shot!). Devastated by rejection and after a nasty incident when she turned on a lady who looked like Debbie McGee in Sainsbury's, Binky retired from her musings.

So with the launch of my website Binky has decided to emerge phoenix-like from her retirement and will be posting her words of wisdom and tales of remarkable adventures past and present. She has promised not to mention anything pertaining to her cruise around South America with Cynthia or indeed anything involving cabin boys and banana daiquiri's. As I write I can see her in the garden, sat in a deck chair smoking a pipe and furiously knitting dishcloths whilst taking the occasional swig from a jug of Pimms so I am not holding out much hope but hey ho!

In between ramblings I'm hoping she will provide some knitting inspiration, the odd tutorial and perhaps share some of her treasured patterns (although possibly not her profanity face cloths). If this doesn't happen I will be popping in with the odd post too.

Percy x

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