How Percy Le Moo Moo Came To Be...

In Search for a Quiet Life

Knitting has been many things for me over the years, what began as a hobby became a passion and then a necessity , a place to ground myself and find some peace and calm.

In 2014 the loss of my daughter pretty much blew my world apart. I don't know how, in those early days , I managed to function but the wonderful ladies in my knitting group took me under their wing and through the gentle rhythmic clicking of needles I found a place of calm. I have found in the years that have passed that knitting has soothed anxious thoughts and given me time off from the maelstrom that seems to often whirl through my head.

Having found myself unable to deal with the pressures of my day job I decided to put my crafting skills to good use and set up an Etsty store which kept me busy for those early years.

My knitting improved, I learnt fair isle, braved the initial fear of lace knitting, experimented with the wonderfully fine Shetland yarn. I read blogs and followed designers.

I had been selling knitting bags on Etsy and some of my own hand designed hats and socks. A number of people had asked for the patterns but they were all kind of made up as I went along so I decided the time was right to put together an online space for Percy Le Moo Moo where I could share some of my stories, introduce you to Binky Bagshot ( you'll have to read my Blog)

and sell my knitting bags and patterns.

So this is it, the home of Percy Le Moo Moo, I hope if anything you'll just enjoy the tales of Binky and find a few moments of escape.

This page is dedicated to my long suffering husband and son who are always there and who I love to the moon and back, my lovely ladies who knit ( they know who they are) ,to anyone knitting their way through the good times and the bad times, it was ever thus , and of course, to you my beautiful girl, always in my heart

Percy x